Way to Go Bonneville Students!!!

You raised over $30,000! That is incredible!

And a big thank you to our Fun Run Board and wonderful volunteers, Dawn Straley, Helena Caldwell, Natasia Curtis, Alan Morris, Allison Evan, Heidi Lehauli, and Tom Henriod. Your hard work, sleepless nights, and tireless efforts help our students support their school, develop healthy habits, and helps build a positive school community.


This is a huge undertaking and the students and volunteers did a wonderful job! Parent volunteers, this event would not happen without you. 

More than 100 volunteers turned out to help make the event run smoothly! We are shocked that over 329 students brought in pledges! Students ran/walked more than a total of 600 miles during the event!

Congratulations on a fantastic 2019-2020 Fun Run!


Fun Run FAQ Update October 4, 2019 

Q: What was the total amount of money raised for this year’s Fun Run? 

A: We are still getting donations in! The last amount calculated was $30,474. 

Q: What does that money get spent on? 

A: The money raised pays for many wonderful things for our students and staff. 

We pay for field trips, (including bus transportation to and from the destination), recess aids, community events — such as Reading Olympics, VIPs and Pastries (previously Dads and Donuts), Lunch on the Lawn, Tears to Cheers, movie nights, family fun nights, school assemblies, etc. 


We provide a grant to our school library for new books to be purchased annually, as well as classroom donations to our teachers so that they can purchase supplies. We offer professional development opportunities for our faculty, and we fund teacher appreciation week, including several staff appreciation lunches and dinners throughout the year. We also fund our school’s character development/anti bullying program, Project Cornerstone. We also sponsor Safety Week and Community Service Week. 


Q: I heard something about a large sum of money being reserved for an electronic sign for the front of our school. Is that still happening? What if I’d rather see it be spent differently? 

A: Last year, it came to our attention that we had accumulated a surplus of funds that have been rolling over from year to year for the past several years. Our treasurer made us aware that as a non-profit entity, we really shouldn’t have that amount of money left in our account after closing the books and reporting our financial statement to the state PTA. So, to avoid raising audit flags, we were advised to “earmark” the excess funds—which simply means that the funds are still there, but to an auditor it means that they are intentionally being set aside until we come up with enough money to pay for a large item. 


Nothing has been initiated in terms of the electronic sign. Last year, we tried to assess the greater needs of our school by surveying our faculty for ideas as to how to spend our surplus. We discussed the needs identified during several PTA meetings over the 

year, and the electronic sign had the most interest and addresses one of our biggest issues (communication). 


Also note, the district is investigating a way to get the sign installed for us. So again, nothing on our end has been initiated in terms of the electronic sign. We are happy to revisit that decision if anyone is interested! Please send an email to bonnevillepta@gmail.com and we will add it to our next PTA meeting agenda. 


Q: I really loved Lunch on the Lawn and was sad to see it get cancelled. Is it going to be rescheduled? 

A: Yes! Our faculty brought to our attention how difficult this event can be for students (especially younger students) whose families cannot be there, or arrive late. That combined with how early it is in the school year, means that there are many kids who still haven’t quite made it through the transition of being at school, and just want to go home. Kindergarten, first and second grade teachers are then in the position of having to console tearful students, which makes for a long afternoon. Secondly, many teachers end up losing their lunch break because when a child can’t locate their family, they look to them. If the child doesn’t have lunch, the teacher then must bring them back into the cafeteria to purchase school lunch, and then walk them back onto the field and find the student some caring adults to spend their lunchtime with. We were also told that some kids choose to stay outside instead of lining up when their lunchtime recess is over, and the teachers then have to go locate the missing students while finding someone to watch over their classroom. 


We are currently working through some scenarios where this long standing community event is less of a burden on our teachers — and we’re almost there! We did get the go ahead from our faculty to reschedule in the spring. We’ll send a communication out via MemberHub and a small sheet of paper in your student’s take home folder with details! 


Q: Speaking of MemberHub, why are we using this instead of what we’ve always used, My School Anywhere? 

A: We found out this past summer that My School Anywhere merged with/was bought out by another company. With the change in services and increase in fees, we were offered a free tool (MemberHub) that not only was a directory but a communication tool. We decided to consolidate our efforts and work on the one issue that parents kept bringing up, communication. Just like years ago with My School Anywhere, there are rough patches. We are here to help and hope you reach out with questions as we transition to this tool. 

To help with the transition, we will be hosting a PTA Help Session every month. 


Q: When are the Discount Cards and Directories going to be available? 

A: The Discount Cards have been distributed. The Directory is at the printer!

If you have any questions or concerns that were not addressed here, please feel free to email bonnevilleptaslc at gmail.com and we will get back with you as soon as possible.


Thank you as always for you support! 


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